Homemade Herbal Shampoo

Homemade Herbal Shampoo

Harmful chemicals in commercial shampoos cause minor to major health problems. These not only damage the scalp severely but also cause several hair issues including dandruff, dryness, frizzes, split ends, premature greying, hair fall, etc. Therefore, it is always good to pick a herbal or homemade natural shampoo over these chemically-treated ones. It is even better to prepare your homemade natural shampoo by sourcing all genuine herbs that people in India used to do for centuries.

This article will help you know the herbs a bit better and will definitely convince you to switch to herbal shampoo!!!



  • Shikakai Powder – Shikakai, also known as the hair fruit, has been used as a hair care ingredient for centuries now. The Ayurvedic herb is often used as a shampoo replacement because of its excellent cleansing properties.  Shikakai is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C, K, and D, which help nourish hair and keep it healthy.


  • Aritha powder –  Soapnuts are the best for hair growth. Hence, they are used in many natural hair tonics and solutions. The soapy texture of soapnut makes it a wonderful ingredient in many hair care and skincare products all over the world. Vitamins A, D, E, and K found in this fruit are known to impart shine to your hair and make it smooth. Powdered aritha  is known to fight various problems affecting the scalp, including dandruff. 
  • Bhringraj Powder – “Ruler of the hair”-Ayurveda puts bhringraj on the top list of most effective herbs for hair.  Bhringraj benefits hair by reducing pitta dosha (or high body heat). From an ayurvedic point of view, excess pitta is the most likely cause of thinning and greying. It effectively increases blood circulation in the scalp and hair follicles, which in turn enriches the roots by bringing in more nutrients through the blood supply and promote hair growth.


  • Amla Powder – The phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals present in amla help in increasing the scalp circulation and stimulate healthy growth. Vitamin C of amla produces collagen protein. This helps in stimulating hair growth, both length, and volume-wise.





  •  Step 1: Take some water in a deep vessel.
  • Step 2: Add amla, aritha and shikakai powder in the water in equal quantities.
  • Step 3: Let it soak overnight.
  • Step 4:In the morning, simmer this mixture for a while. Let it cool down.
  • Step 5: Strain the mixture.
  • Step 6: Apply this solution to your hair. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Rinse it off later.
  1. To get better results you can also add hibiscus powder, which acts as a natural conditioner to hair.

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