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Aritha or Reetha is also known as Soapnut because it is the fruit of the soapnut tree. The pulp of the fruit contains high levels of saponins which produces the natural foam and is, therefore, chemical free. Reetha is a natural paraben free and SLS free soap and shampoo conditioner which will leave hair squeaky clean, healthy and thick. Frequent use may help to eliminate dandruff. Reetha is hypoallergenic and great to use for treatment of head lice infestation and sensitive, dry skin, itchy scalp and hair. Soapnut is a good alternative to chemical detergent. Reetha can also be mixed in with Shikakai and Amla and use as a shampoo for hair washing and conditioning and all three combined are well known as hair growth products. Reetha can also be added to your own soap, face wash or shampoo as it is normally a key ingredient in both soaps and shampoos.

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  • 100% Organic Aritha Powder

Suggested Use
  • At mi nature, we sell our organic soapnut in convenient powder form. Below, we’ve suggested a few common uses for our soapnut powder.

  • To use in laundry, place 25g of powder in a cotton bag. After washing, remove the bag and allow it to fully dry. For small or lightly soiled loads, the bag can be reused.

  • To use soap nut powder as shampoo, mix equal parts powder and water to form a thick paste. Massage paste into hair and thoroughly rinse. If you’d like, you can add additional ingredients to this paste, such as essential oils, hair oil, etc., depending on your hair needs and preferences.

Dish Liquid/Hand washing
  • To use soap nut as dish soap, use 1 tbsp of powder for every 10 liters of water. If you’d like, you can also add a few drops of an essential oil, such as lemon, to add a fresh scent, although this step is completely optional and will have no impact on the effectiveness of the liquid. You can also put the powder directly into the powder container in your dishwashing machine.

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