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Suggested Use
  • Measurement for grey hair to light brown hair – 60% Henna + 40% Indigo.

  • Measurement for grey hair to dark brown/black hair – 40% Henna + 60% Indigo or more Indigo powder. The color will vary according to your hair type.

Step 1: Directions to dye hair / grey hair
  • Mix 100 grams (for long hair) of Henna powder with 3 tablespoons of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Lemon juice or apple cider vinegar helps in releasing the dye in Henna. Add either yogurt, full-fat milk, warm strong black tea or warm strong black coffee a little by little to get a thick paste. Keep closed in an airtight container to retain moisture for 6 hours or ideally overnight. It is advisable to use a ceramic or a glass bowl for this mixture as it will not absorb any stains from the mixture. However, the mixture can be used within 2 hours if needed urgently. This mixture on its own will give an orange/red color to your grey hair.

Step 2: Additional information
  • After 6 hours, you could also add an egg to the mixture. The biotin in the egg helps to maintain healthy roots and follicles of the hair.

Step 3: Directions to dye hair/ grey hair
  • If you prefer a darker colour like brown, black-brown or black, please add an indigo powder to the mixture as below (Method 1).

  • OR: Mix Indigo on its own (Method 2) and apply Indigo separately after you have applied, washed Henna from your hair. See below.

Method 1
  • It is not advisable to use indigo powder on its own prior to using Henna as it might leave a green/blue tone to your hair colour. Use 50 grams of Indigo powder (for 100 grams of Henna powder mixture) depending on how dark you wish your hair colour to be. If you have grey hair, we would advise using 50 grams or more to get good coverage and for simple dyeing, to achieve light brown hair add less than 50 grams. Mix the indigo powder with warm water into a thick paste and leave aside for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes mix, the Indigo mixture with the Henna mixture prepared earlier in step 1. Always add indigo mixture last and do not prepare in advance.

Method 2
  • Mix the indigo powder (50 grams or more for a darker colour) with warm water into a thick paste and leave aside for 15 minutes. Apply Indigo mixture separately after you have applied, washed Henna from your hair. Leave it for 2-4hrs. This is a longer process than “Method 1”.

  • Please use gloves to apply the paste (Method 1 or Method 2). Apply a bit of oil around your forehead, ear and neck area around your hair line to protect your skin from any colour that may transfer during the application. Apply the mixture from the root to the tip of your hair, strand by strand to get full coverage. Once you have applied the mixture to your hair, tie it securely into a bun at the top of your head depending on how long your hair is. Cover your hair with a shower cap or wrap it in cling film and leave for 2 to 4 hrs. After 2 to 4hrs wash off the mixture with luke warm to cold water with a mild shampoo. Finally rinse in cold water to close the hair follicles.

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