Lavender Oil 60 ml (2 Oz.)

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Lavender Oil is a kind of essential oil that is obtained from flowers spikes of lavender. Two kinds of lavender oils are obtained. One is Lavender flower oil and other is Lavender spike oil. Essential oil from lavender is extracted from Lavendula latifolia herb. This botanic herb is the member of lamiaceae family of Lamiales order. It is perennial herbaceous plant which grows annually and its leaf’s shapes vary according to different species. It grows in stony and sunny habitat. Lavender Oil has a light fresh aroma, it has fragrance that is described as floral- herbaceous, light, clear, balsamic and has woody undertones.

Additional Information
Weight :0.060 kg
Country of Origin
  • Bulgaria

Botanical Name
  • Lavandula angustifolia

Methods of Extraction
  • Steam Distilled

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