Lemon Oil 60 ml (2 Oz.)

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Lemon oil is also known as Cedro oil and scientifically called as Citrus Limonum. Citrus Limonum is angiosperm which belongs to Rutaceae family. The evergreen Lemon tree grows up to 6 meters and bears dark green oval-shaped leaves with pinkish white flowers which are highly perfumed. Lemon oil is a kind of essential oil which is extracted through cold extraction method from fresh yellow peels of lemon and constitutes characteristic odour of freshly sliced lemon. Lemon oil has a sharp and fresh lemony fragrance. It is a fluid liquid which ranges from pale yellow to deep yellow and greenish yellow in colour.

Additional Information
Weight :0.060 kg
Botanical Name
  • Citrus Limonum

Country of Origin
  • Italy

Methods of Extraction
  • Cold Pressed

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